About AICA Orthopedics

AICA Orthopedics is a full service spinal and orthopedic procedure center, featuring the latest in advanced technological imaging equipment. Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors specialize in diagnosis and treatment of head, spine, and joint injuries – from your neck to the pelvis, knees and beyond.

This includes all of the issues that may come with acute and chronic spine and joint debilitation, such as headaches, pain, motor impairment, neurological issues, and assessment. Our team includes orthopedic doctors, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and neurosurgeons.

We Help You From Your Top Down

Because 80 percent of headaches result from issues in the cervical spine, after an injury you may need treatment that addresses the nerve, motor and arterial functioning in your neck. Injuries and chronic conditions in your thoracic spine can also affect the rest of your nervous system and the clear functioning of your hands, arms, shoulders, respiratory system and diaphragm. Since your spine is a unified system that not only supports your entire skeletal frame but also is the protective tower of your spinal cord – from which a huge number of your body’s nerve roots stem – keeping it in fine working order is among our highest concerns.

Our exclusive Atlanta orthopedic doctors work jointly with anesthesiologists to bring you game-changing chiropractic intervention and spinal procedures. We can take you from assessment and low impact treatment using graduated methods that are the most likely to remove pain and ease injured tissue with the least amount of invasive techniques.

Our surgeons do everything they can to help you avoid surgery. In fact, only about one percent of our patients ever need it. Part of the reason is our step approach to care. It comes down to this: we don’t treat you if you don’t need it. And if you do, we give you the minimum you require to get better; we know your body will do the rest. However, if your back doesn’t respond to adjustments, exercise programming and medical physical therapy which includes cold laser treatment, our spinal anesthesiologists can give you a quick and virtually painless facet block injection, and if needed, follow with radiofrequency ablation or an epidural performed under local anesthetic and with X-ray fluoroscopy, which limits the intervention required.

These measures can help us locate the source of your pain and stop it, and in some cases for an indefinite period. But, there’s more. Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors have intensive procedures up their white coats that are still short of invasive surgeries, such as balloon kyphoplasty. This incredible technique repairs the crushed body of vertebrae with cement and a balloon, relieving high amounts of pain and restoring natural height to the spine. We do it here at AICA Orthopedics – and we can do it for you, too.

Diagnosing Injuries

We may be the only clinic with two in-house MRI machines and a CT machine, which allows fast patient turnaround time that not only gets our Atlanta orthopedic doctors the information they need to help you but fits your busy schedule. We’ve procured these costly devices, which many competing clinics don’t have, to offer you everything you need at a single location.

When you combine the excellence in our medical staff with our cutting-edge imaging, you get a productive visit that quickly gets to the heart of your injuries or chronic pain and gets results. Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors have specialized exclusively in their areas of expertise in both their residencies and fellowships – giving our practice an advantage over other clinics, and providing you with some of the best orthopedic treatment you can find in greater Atlanta.

The AICA Orthopedics Difference

Our multi-specialty approach combines a variety of disciplines giving you fast, effective and life-changing care. We also provide you with third-party billing and accept most insurance plans. And, if you were in an accident and cannot get to us, we’ll provide transportation to get you here for the treatment you deserve.